Doodle Jump creator Lima Sky hops onto merchandising bandwagon

Doodle Jump developer Lima Sky announced today it has signed deals to create a line of Doodle Jump branded electronic toys, stuffed animals and arcade games.

The New York-based developer is working with Innovation First International to develop a line of collectible robotic toys and soft toy manufacturer Gund to create a collection of Doodle Jump branded soft toys. Both lines will be available for purchase by summer 2013. Lima Sky has also signed a deal with Innovative Concepts to create a coin-operated version of Doodle Jump that will be available in arcades across the U.S. According to today’s announcement the partnerships are the first of many, and additional licensees and product announcements are forthcoming.

Over the past year its been increasingly common to see mobile developers sign character goods deals, and Sky is following the well-tread path from the smartphone screen to store shelves blazed by the likes of Outfit7, Zeptolab, EA Popcap, Halfbrick and Disney.

Rovio however, is still the most successful mobile merchandiser. The company announced this week it has teamed with Lucasfilm to create an Angry Birds branded Star Wars game with supporting merchandise that will include clothing, toys and action figures. Both the game and the goods will be available in November. So far Rovio’s plush toys have racked up $25 million in sales by themselves, and in 2011 Rovio’s consumer products business was responsible for 30 percent of its revenue.