Don’t just Seder… POWER Seder

When Claude told me he needed a fill-in on this blog so he could do something called a “Seder” during which he couldn’t work, I was naturally suspicious. A religious thing where a bunch of people get together to eat stale bread and wine that tastes like the bug juice they serve at camp while waiting for a mysterious stranger who never arrives? Sounded like a Scientology thing to me.

Turns out, however, it’s real. And it’s why nobody in Hollywood was returning my calls last night (at least that’s I choose to tell myself). In fact, as Nicole LaPorte revealed in the New York Observer, it’s kind of a big deal with some people in Hollywood:

Certain Hollywood Seders are the stuff of legend. When Roman Polanski was shooting Chinatown and wanted to return to his native Poland in order to celebrate Passover, the film’s producer, Bob Evans, intervened and threw one of his own. The Kiddush was read by Kirk Douglas.


These days, the Passover invitation of note is issued by music mogul Guy Oseary, who lives in Beverly Hills. Guests have included Madonna (Mr. Oseary’s former partner at Maverick Records), comedian Chris Rock, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and “It” director McG.

Now I don’t know much about Jewism Judaism (just looked it up… who knew?!), but I have to admit I’m extremely suspicious of any religion whose sacred texts holds up McG as the “It” director.

But I do have to admire Nicole’s cajones in writing this article. Now not only is she risking retribution from Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen, but every non-goy in Hollywood as well. (or should that be “every other non-goy…”?)