Donde Fashion Launches Visual Fashion Search Engine on iOS

The Donde Fashion app allows shoppers to search for women's clothing and accessories using visual search filters, instead of text.

Donde Fashion has announced the official launch of its visual fashion search engine on iOS devices. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Donde Fashion app allows users to search for items using visual prompts, rather than text phrases. The app includes million of women’s clothing and accessory items from more than 6,000 brands and retailers, including Banana Republic, Zara, J. Crew, Bloomingdale’s and Barney’s New York.

With Donde Fashion, users begin each search by choosing the kind of item they’re interested in (dresses, shoes, handbags, tops, and so on). From there, they can customize their results by choosing their desired colors or features in the product. For instance, searching for a dress would allow shoppers to search for specific necklines, skirt lengths and more, while shopping for a handbag introduces options for the bag’s shape, as examples.

As users select filters, their search results update in real time. Shoppers can begin browsing products at any stage of the search, or can continue adding or changing filters to display new items. Filters are also available for things like price, occasion and brand, and users can also choose to browse only items which are on sale.

Donde Fashion

Users can browse results in a large collage, or one at a time, with information buttons allowing them to see more detailed product descriptions. Tapping an item’s buy button loads the retailer’s website for making a purchase without leaving the app. If users aren’t ready to make the purchase, they can add items to their wishlist, and can choose to be notified if they go on sale.

For social features, users can create an account with Facebook and chat with others about products within the app. Users can also follow others to see their ‘wished for’ items in a feed.

In a statement, Liat Zakay, founder and CEO of Donde Fashion, commented on the app:

Donde is more than a search engine, it’s a resource that improves shoppers’ lives by drastically reducing the frustration and time that occurs while sifting through items online. Despite mobile commerce sales in the U.S. experiencing rapid growth, the way that consumers search for products has remained stagnant for over 17 years. We’re excited to introduce a better way to search through Donde, and to offer women a tool to find exactly what they want.

Donde Fashion is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.