Journos Get Trumped

Maybe someone needs to introduce @realDonaldTrump to Twitter’s reply button, because apparently he’s been responding to reporters’ tweets with handwritten notes.

The latest came last night to Huffington Post’s Sam Stein after he wondered on Twitter if a This Week interview with Trump was “performance art.” Trump’s note in response, which Stein posted to Twitter (of course) said, “Perhaps Sam – But it sure gave them good ratings! Best Wishes Donald Trump.”

Stein isn’t the only who’s received a handwritten Trump note, either.

Yahoo’s Chris Moody, in response to Stein, posted a picture of the note he’d received on a story he’d written about Trump. It said, “Chris — Bad Reporting, Bad Reporter, Donald Trump, No ‘Why’!” Both ‘bads’ and the ‘why’ were underlined.

Of course, getting Trumped on Twitter is something of a badge of honor for most reporters—he has over 2 million followers so a quick @reply (and he does use them more often than not, handwritten notes notwithstanding) can give a social media profile an instantaneous boost. Not that that stops anyone from sharing their true feelings.

CNN’s David Daniel, for example, probably had the best response. Looking at Trump’s note to Stein, he asked, “Is that a signature or a seismograph”?

Good point. We’re no experts, but we’d call it a 4.0 on the Richter scale.