Don Draper’s 16 Greatest Marketing Truisms

shutterstock_88209757Will Don Draper finally complete his regression and become Dick Whitman? Will the old guard embodied by Roger Sterling finally hand over the reins of the ad industry in an acid-induced moment of abandon?

Will Peggy Olson be the new Roger, the new Don, or the original Mary Wells Lawrence? Will Meghan Draper escape to Paris/Montreal or accept her fate as one of the Real Housewives of the West Village?

The answers to these ridiculous questions and more will come with the premiere of Mad Men‘s seventh and final two-part season next month—though we really wish they would just be honest and call it two separate seasons, since they’ll air a full year apart. Come on, AMC!

In the meantime, UK web design and digital marketing agency Glow New Media offers you this infographic collecting Mr. Draper’s greatest truisms about working in creative.


Great reminders, all, of why we love this show.

We only wish they’d noted the episodes in which these quips appear so we had an easier way to determine which ones we need to re-watch over the next four weeks.

Which quotes are your favorites?