DomiNations Celebrates First Anniversary With Global Age Update

This update adds the 10th Age to the historical strategy game, based on the technologies and events of World War II

Nexon and Big Huge Games have released a new content update in DomiNations to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. The update is called the Global Age, and it adds the 10th Age to the historical strategy game, based on the technologies and events of World War II.

In DomiNations, players can support one of eight nations, and will build a base and army as they advance through historical Ages, starting in the Dawn Age. Players progress by collecting and spending multiple resources, and can construct over 100 upgradeable structures in their base.

The Global Age introduces new troops to players, including Bazookas, Mortars and Paratroopers. Players will also be able to experience famous battles from World War II, including D-Day and Guadalcanal, as in-game events.

In addition, this update includes new Supply Drops, which will be given to players across all Ages as part of the game’s first anniversary celebration. Players can find supply drops scattered around their base, with these drops containing items like Global Age troops, as well as food, gold, trade goods or Crowns, the game’s premium currency.

In a statement, Tim Train, CEO of Big Huge Games and project lead on DomiNations, commented:

We’re thrilled to reach this milestone in DomiNations, and to celebrate it with the 20 million fans who have discovered the game so far. World War II is the pivot point of modern history, and as designers we can draw on a rich legacy from that era. We’re excited to get all these new features into players’ hands as a one-year anniversary gift!

DomiNations is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.