Does Nokia Have a Survival Strategy for the New Decade?

The mocoNews article below contained information quite different from what I expected to read…

Nokia’s New Mobile Chief: We’ll Match Apple, RIM By 2011

I expected Nokia’s head of mobile phones to say something about Nokia planning to use Maemo (Linux) based smartphones like the N900 to maintain its huge European user based and challenge Apple’s iPhone in the U.S. Here’s what I got out of it instead…

– Vague response when asked if Nokia will buy Palm
– Grow faster than RIM (BlackBerry) in Latin America (no mention of North America or South America for that matter)

The one unsuprising comment about only four to five mobile operating platforms being able to survive was followed by what appears to be an off-handed commment about “Palm’s OS” (probably webOS) but does not discuss Symbian S60’s place in the Nokia ecosystem going forward.

Nokia will probably survive through the new decade. But, will it be like Motorola’s near limbo existence until it was revived by the Droid late last year?