Does GarageBand for iPad Work on the iPad "1": Yep! Just Fine, Thank You

I consider GarageBand for Mac OS X is a great music creation empowerment tool. So, I was excited to learn that Apple developed a version for the iPad 2 that would be available at the new tablet’s launch. As it turned out, Apple released GarageBand for iPad a day early: One day before the iPad 2’s release. It also released the updated iMovie that now runs on the iPad 2 as well as the iPhone 4. Both apps are priced at $4.99.
GarargeBand for iPad
My original guess was that GarageBand and iMovie would only work with the dual-core iPad 2. However, GarageBand installs and runs fine on the original single-core processor iPad. There are a couple of activies in the app that I expect will be much faster on the dual-core iPad 2. However, in general, GarageBand worked fast enough to be entertaing and enjoyable on the original iPad. You can see and hear the first four-instrument tune I created with GarageBand on my iPad “1” in the embedded video above.