Do You Suffer from Information Over-Consumption?

As digital content multiplies online and on our devices, our risk of “information over-consumption” increases.

In his new book, The Information Diet, author Clay Johnson shows how we can improve our information consumption and create a healthier diet while exploring the Internet.

On his site, he outlined four simple tools for creating a healthier media diet. We’ve linked to these resources below–how do you manage your media diet?

4 Tools for Managing Your Daily Media Diet

1. AdBlock: “a simple browser extension that blocks advertisements on major websites.”

2. AwayFind: “helps you spend less time in your inbox while staying responsive to the people who are most important to you.”

3. RescueTime: “helps track what you’re working on, keeping a diligent count of what’s happening on your computer. While it cannot track and account for your every moment, for those that are spending most of their time in front of a computer, RescueTime is the best tool.”

5. SaneBox: “filters your emails and learns from your reading habits to make sure that only the emails you need to see right now make it to your inbox.” (Via Make Use Of)