Do You Have a Big Brain?

Biggest BrainThis morning I spent some time playing the “Who Has The Biggest Brain” game. This is definitely one of the more entertaining games on Facebook. The application enables you to give your brain a solid workout. It tests you on a number of things including basic math, memory, analytics and others. I started playing it this morning after five hours of sleep and the game said I had the brain the same size as a goat. Goats are kind of intelligent … right?

By the afternoon after a nice lunch and a couple of tries, my brain mass had moved up to that of a neanderthal. Neaderthals were the most intelligent species 350,000 years ago so that has to mean something. While I may not be a master of this game it is fun to play. Another cool part is that you can compare your results with that of your friends. Unfortunately none of my friends had played this yet so I’m not sure how they fared.

If you want to test out your brain against your friends, go grab the “Who has the Biggest Brain application.