Do Stuff. Get Money. Thanks Paypal!

money_paypalPaypal. They might charge exorbitant fees that piss people off, but the reality is, they provide a service that 26 million people a month keep coming back for.

Looking to capitalize on some fun, the send-money-to-anyone service has rolled out a new Website, Do Stuff For Money.

It’s a concept you are probably familiar with.

“Hey dude. I’ll give you $20 to moon the principal.”


“I don’t feel like ironing. What if I give you $10?”

Now Paypal has built an interface where you can get people to do the things you want them to – with a price attached.

Simply enter your name, the name of the person you are offering money, the amount, and sit back and wait for the person to either accept or decline. Requests are sent via e-mail or Facebook Connect. Integrating the social network is a fun way to see who your friends are offering money to and who is accepting.

You might be wondering why Paypal would want to add a ‘fun’ element to money exchange. The answer is simple. The more transactions the site generates, the more Paypal can laugh all the way to the bank. Wait. They are the bank. Kinda.

Your offer could make the homepage. Here are several examples of current offers.

Robert offered Roman $250.00 to “clean up my Flat! =)”

Joel offered J Monte $10.00 to “Dress up with snorkling equipement and dive into a pond in a square in london”

Joel offered Michael $50.00 to “Running around the canteen screaming like a duck”

Adam offered Stephanie $1.00 to “Listen to me.”

If I had the money I would offer you some cash to read this blog post. But let’s be honest. I’m a blogger without much disposable cash at the ready. However, if you’d like to offer me money, you might be surprised at the lengths I will go to in order to earn it.