Do Promoted Tweets Actually Work? An Insider’s Perspective

Everyone is curious about the results that companies involved in Twitter’s Promoted Products advertising platform are seeing. Mongoose Metrics, an enterprise-level phone conversion tracking analytics provider, participated in the first round of Promoted Tweets on HootSuite in early November, and they shared some insider info on how the campaign went.

The Mongoose Metrics blog shed some light on the mechanisms and effectiveness of Promoted Tweets in their “Top 10 Things We Learned” post.

While some of the items are well-known by anyone who has followed the trajectory of Promoted Tweets – such as the ability to buy terms and hashtags in order to position a tweet in front of a niche audience – Mongoose Metrics does discuss some interesting insights that might help businesses navigate this new advertising platform in the future.

Mongoose Metrics owned the #PubCon hashtag, which generated over 40,000 impressions alone. We’re not sure if these impressions were re-tweets, search results or clickthroughs to a link, but it’s an impressive number nonetheless.

If social authority is important to you, take note: Mongoose Metric’s Klout score went from 43 to 70 in a little over two weeks of participating in the Promoted Tweets HootSuite launch. Their follower count increased by 700 in this same time period.

Without getting specific, Mongoose Metrics also noted that they saw increased conversions and quality leads. And, significantly, they mentioned the robust built-in analytics dashboard that Twitter has been experimenting with in conjunction with a select group of advertisers.

The ability to target your niche audience within Twitter and see results like increased followers and conversions is exactly what Promoted Tweets are all about. When the program moves out of beta and opens up to the general business community, we can expect many more case studies and more data to bubble up to the surface.