Do More Than Just Schedule Tweets With MediaFunnel

MediaFunnel has been making waves lately in a slew of partnerships that highlight how Twitter can be used by businesses for more than just passively posting tweets.

MediaFunnel is a social media management platform that enables social media teams to effectively interact with their customers – rather than just asking for the conversation to be moved off Twitter, MediaFunnel enables robust Twitter functionality from within its dashboard.

Two major MediaFunnel partnership announcements in recent weeks have shown how important it is to businesses that they effectively engage customers on Twitter.

Today’s partnership announcement is with Twilio, a cloud-based SMS service, and Twisplays, a real-time display provider. The deal enables customers to send a SMS from their mobile phone to a retailer, who can then respond or display this text in real-time. MediaFunnel’s Guest Post functionality means that these texts can appear in the retailer’s Twitter stream without that customer having to have a Twitter account him or herself. And because all of this happens in real-time, customers can see their texts live on Twisplays displays or have their complaints answered in an instant by a customer service representative.

The other major partnership announcement that MediaFunnel made recently was with ZenDesk. ZenDesk, a fast-growing customer service software provider that just closed a $19M round of funding, uses MediaFunnel to integrate customer service into Twitter. Rather than moving off of Twitter to handle customers’ issues, ZenDesk leverages MediaFunnel to create “twickets” (Twitter tickets) to deal with the issue.

MediaFunnel is opening up new avenues for businesses who want to engage customers on Twitter. By enabling customers to interact via mobile with Twilio and open support tickets from tweets with ZenDesk, they are showing the business world that Twitter is more than just @replies and link sharing – it’s a viable way to engage customers, deal with complaints, encourage brand engagement and more.

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