do@ for iPhone Claims to be a Revolutionary Mobile Search Experience. They May be Right

It isn’t often that I see a purported “new way to search” that is actually different. But, the tersely named “do@” free app for the iPhone actually looks like an intersting and useful way to search on an iPhone.


do@ tries to identify what you are searching for as you type and categorize its multiple search paths by source (LastFm, Wikipedia, etc.). My initial impression was that do@ was tuned for pop culture searches such as performing artists, songs, movies, sports and shopping. However, letting it search for “integral calculus” and “phycology” (the study of algae) convinced me that it was pretty good at general topics too. There was one odd error in the phycology search though. It sent me to the Wikipedia article for “Psychology” even though Wikipedia has an entry fo “Phycology.”

do@ has a 4.5-star average customer rating (with a total of 32 reviews). One reviewer who gave it a 5-star rating commented: Using doat feels like moving from lycos to google.

Video courtesy of DoAtvideos

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