DNA Testing Comes to Social Networks

genbase_logo2008.jpgWould you trust the analysis of your genes to a social network? Would give that network your most precious DNA for testing and tracing you roots? If you do, then read on and find out about a new social networking site for DNA testing and Genes analysis – Genebase.comdnaancestryproject.jpgAgain I want to ask you, do you really want to submit your DNA to a public social network? If your answer is still yes, then head on to Genebase and register. After registering an account and still thinking for the right time to submit your DNA, you may do some social networking at the site.

You can join groups, blog, create your family tree and connect with other members of the network. And when you are ready to submit your DNA to Genebase, purchase a DNA Ancestry Project Kit which can either be a maternal or paternal kit. Each kit will cost you $119. The CD is your ticket to the DNA analysis test.

Once you submit your DNA for testing and you get your results, Genebase has a wide range of databases where you can compare your DNA with. This includes an ancestry market database where you can trace your family history back until 150,000 years. Now why would you want to do that? I won’t, but if you do, well to each his own.

Try Genebase if you like. And tell us here at Rotorblog if you found out that you belong to the family line of Albert Einstein.