'Disturbia' Director Crowdsources Thriller On Facebook

The director of Disturbia, D.J. Caruso, is crowsdourcing his next horror movie on social media with filming beginning July 25.

The director of Disturbia, D.J. Caruso, is crowdsourcing his next horror movie, Inside, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with filming beginning July 25.

Caruso explained to the Guardian:

When the story begins everyone can play a part. But with the social casting call we’re looking for one talented, well-connected person to make a special cameo in the final film.

Segments of the movie will be released every two days so that social media users can help create the next installments. After three weeks, the user contributions and the entire film will be edited to create the final product.

The film will open with the lead character newly awakened in a locked white padded room. There are no escape routes and the actress’ only mode of communication is via a laptop that will enable her to make contact with real people — using social media. No one will be able to speak directly to the young actress but Facebook users will help her conjure up ways in which to escape her predicament.

The clever tagline accompanying the trailer is a definite eye-catcher: “Her only way out will be to bring you in.” Beneath this post, we’ve embedded a copy of the promotional video, which has funding by Intel and Toshiba.

Crowdsourced filmmaking, a new trend that has combined culture nostalgia and social networking to create a new kind of indie movie making could very well be the wave of the future.

Readers, would you want to supply input to a movie being crowdsourced on Facebook?