Distracted Driving Dangerous But No Evidence Hands Free Laws Help

We’ve all seen people weaving or driving inappropriately too slow or too fast while speaking on a cell phone or texting and perhaps even tweeting or updating Facebook. Reuters reports on a study by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA – a non-profit group) that reviewed 350 scientific papers from 2000 that indicates that 25% of car crashes occur while drivers are using cell phones and other gadgets.

Cell phones, devices biggest driving distractions

The data incidates that 5,500 people died and almost 500,000 people were injured in accidents related to a distracted driver. Many states and cities have enacted some form of law that bans distracted driving. This usually takes the form of not allowing people to holding and using a cell phone to speak or text while driving. However, ABC News notes that the same report shows:

No Evidence Cell Phone Bans Are Effective, Report Shows

So, what should be done as car manufacturers and drivers install and use more and more distracting devices while driving?

You can find the GHSA report at:

Distracted Driving: What Research Shows and What States Can Do