Disney’s ‘Branded Content’ Site Looks a Whole Lot Like BuzzFeed

Our apologies for missing this story amidst all our posts about companies hiring brand journalists to create original “sticky” content: The Walt Disney Company‘s new “Oh My Disney” blog is a perfect illustration of the larger trend.

Excepting the Pixar films, Disney has had trouble establishing franchises in recent years. But the blog’s content capitalizes on the company’s established characters by turning them into sharable themed posts like “It’s Easy Being Green“, a St. Patrick’s Day celebration of the many Disney characters who happen to be emerald in color. Other examples include “15 More Reminders That You’re Great Today“, which features inspirational thoughts from several decades worth of characters, and “Disney Theme Songs to Make You Miss Your Childhood“, which is fairly self-explanatory (though we do like the disclaimer “Read this only if you’re open to adding nostalgic joy to your day”).

It’s a brilliant win-win for Disney: promote the larger brand with original content while simultaneously reminding fans of the older properties that they love (and indirectly encouraging them to buy related merchandise). We have to say, though: a quick glance at the blog’s layout makes us think that BuzzFeed might want to consider demanding royalties.

What do we think of this entry into the original content sweepstakes? And what sort of brands could follow Disney’s lead by creating their own branded blogs?