Disney Tries Selling Movie Tickets On Facebook

Last Wednesday, Disney quietly began promoting a new social ticket sales application through the company’s Toy Story page. The application prompts you to invite your friends to the movies when you purchase your tickets. Unfortunately for me the application didn’t work for me as everytime it prompts me to invite friends, the page freezes!

As such, we haven’t had the opportunity to purchase tickets through the application, however according to the New York Times, users can purchase the tickets directly within the application. This is a first for a movie ticket application, let alone any company offering e-commerce functionality through a Facebook application (not that there aren’t any Facebook e-commerce solutions).

By default, the application loads up movie theaters that are already near the location you entered within your Facebook profile. So far, the application has over 11,000 monthly active users and users have used the application “to buy tickets in groups as large as 80”. DigiSynd, the company devoted to building Disney’s social media presence, was the group responsible for making this application a reality.

For the time being Toy Story 3 is the only movie users can purchase tickets for, however that will be expanding in the near future according to the company. You can install the Tickets Together Application here.