Disney Karaoke: Descendants Launches on iOS

The app based on the newest Disney Channel Original Movie allows fans to sing along to the film's songs and record their own music videos.

In association with the release of the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants, Disney has released the Disney Karaoke: Descendants app on iOS devices, giving fans of the film a way to experience its music anytime they want.

Descendants is a live-action film, following the teenage children of some of Disney’s greatest villains (Maleficent, Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella De Vil), as they attend prep school with the children of some of Disney’s heroes, including Mulan and Cinderella.

The Disney Karaoke: Descendants app features five songs from the film and four bonus songs from Descendants: Wicked World, Disney Channel’s animated shorts which will release later this year. The app allows users to record their own music videos as they sing along to these songs, or just practice as the words appear on the screen. Videos can be recorded in selfie-mode, or with the device’s other camera.

If they’d like, users can pause the recording and resume once they’ve changed camera angles or have set up their next shot, and users can customize their video with one of five free visual filters. Additional filters are available for in-app purchase.

In addition, users can follow along to step-by-step dance moves inspired by the film for three of its songs: ‘Did I Mention,’ ‘Rotten to the Core’ and ‘Set it Off.’

Disney Karaoke: Descendants is available to download for $5.99 on the iTunes App Store.