Disney Interactive to Acquire iPhone Developer Tapulous

The iPhone developer Tapulous, known best for its music rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge, has been reportedly acquired by Disney. As a successful rhythm game developer, Tapulous, who has sold millions of titles through the App Store, will become part of Disney Interactive and help position Disney for strong growth in the emerging media and gaming space. Tapulous has raised $1.8M in angel financing to date but the terms of this particular deal are currently undisclosed. Read more after the jump.

Tapulous’ success in the music game genre is admirable. Its first title Tap Tap Revolution first appeared on the iPhone platform as a jailbreak app in late 2007 and was later renamed as Tap Tap Revenge. Essentially a music rhythm game, Tap Tap Revenge resembled Guitar Hero, focusing on finger tapping the screen of the iPhone. Seeing no competition from the likes of Activision, Tap Tap Revenge rose to number one on the App store in February of 2008.

Tapulous’ blog post stated, “As part of Disney Interactive Media Group, we’ll develop more games, more quickly and with the resources of the world’s leading entertainment company. We will continue to develop apps that live at the intersection of music and gaming, but we’ll also push into new and exciting areas of mobile social entertainment.”

Tapulous has launched over 20 titles such as Tap Tap Radiation for iPad and sold millions of copies, making them the strongest mobile rhythm game player in the space. Disney Interactive, who has been buying many studios, will fold Tapulous into it’s online gaming arm Disney Interactive. Founders of Tapoulous Bart Decrem and Andrew Lacy will assume Vice President roles in Disney Interactive.

This acquisition is in line with Disney’s strategy to become a prominent player in entertainment production by focusing on social and mobile games. For now Tapulous will remain located in Palo Alto and we will report any developments on that front.