Disney to Debut New Show on App Before TV

Disney has a new TV series about a cat in the wild west called  “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West,” and the company is going to make it available on the Watch Disney Junior app and a related Web site on Nov. 24, in advance of the television airing.

“This is an entirely new approach for us,” Nancy Kanter, executive vice president and general manager of Disney Junior Worldwide, told The New York Times. “We have been amazed at how quickly kids have embraced this new technology. We’re talking billions of minutes spent watching.”

Disney is not alone in testing out a straight-to-app release model in which the content appears on the app before it appears on television. Last week, MTV released the entire first season of a new series exclusively on its app. The new show is called “Wait ‘Til Next Year,” and all 12 episodes of the new “docu-drama” are available via the MTV app, but the show doesn’t premiere on TV until Friday.