Disney brings Halloween to Facebook in Gardens of Time, Ghosts of Mistwood and more

Image via Disney Social Games

Just in time for Halloween, Disney Social Games has announced its lineup of Halloween-themed content across its catalog of games on Facebook. From Gardens of Time to Ghosts of Mistwood, Disney looks to offer some spooky fun to everyone this Halloween.

In Gardens of Time, players can complete a ghostly storyline inside the Crime Scene Manor [pictured at top]. Players can also craft some unique decorations, including a Glass Treehouse and Glass Pumpkins.

Over in Ghosts of Mistwood, players must search for their lost aunt by searching around a Trick or Treat House, a Sleeping Crypt and even the Haunted Mansion from Disney World. In addition, a new Pumpkin Pop mini-game allows players to toss darts at pumpkin shaped balloons to win prizes, like Pumpkin Wheelbarrows, buildings and garden decorations for their estate. Players of the iOS version of Ghosts of Mistwood will be able to build a Haunted Barn as well.

In the City Girl life simulation game, players can dress their in-game avatars in new costumes, and also complete themed quests in the game’s cafe.

Finally, aspiring chefs in Kitchen Scramble can cook some themed goodies for their guests in a brand new chapter called Spooksburger. These levels have their own energy system in the form of candy, which can be sent amongst friends for free. In addition to the game’s regular dishes, like fried eggs and onion rings, these Spooksburger levels include specially themed dishes, like Pumpkin Soup and Devilish Eggs.

All of these updates are now available for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow these games on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.