Disney announces Disney Infinity: Action and Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iOS

disney-infinity-action-650Image via Disney

Disney Interactive today announced its mobile plans for its upcoming line of Disney Infinity video games. The developer will release two mobile apps, Disney Infinity: Action! and Disney Infinity: Toy Box, with both providing connections to the console game experience.

Disney Infinity on consoles allows players to use real-world toys to bring their favorite Disney characters to life within the game. Players can complete either story-based campaigns for each Disney property, like Monsters University or Cars, or they can take all of their unlocked content and mix it together inside the virtual Toy Box.

Disney Infinity: Action! gives players a chance to join the action alongside Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow and Sulley from Monster’s Inc. Players choose from more than 30 animations and props, and can create small movies via the app’s “Movie Maker” system, including their own pictures in each film.

Disney Infinity: Action! will be available tomorrow, August 15 on iOS and the Windows Store. The free download will allow users to transfer their creations to Facebook or YouTube, or send them to others via email. An Android version of the app is coming soon.

In Disney Infinity: Toy Box, players can create and edit worlds on their iPad. Any mobile Toy Box creation can be transferred back to the console game’s Toy Box mode, allowing players to continue where they left off, regardless of platform. Any item unlocked while playing on the console will be available in the iPad app, and more than 60 free items are available to start building worlds. Additional characters can be added to Toy Box mode via the use of web codes included with the retail toys.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box will be available on iPad for free in the coming weeks. More information on the Disney Infinity console game can be found on Disney’s website.