DISMISSED: Facebook Sued Teachbook In Wrong Place

Facebook's copyright lawsuit against Teachbook may have merit but it needs to move to another location, according to an order by the judge that we've posted after the jump.

Facebook’s copyright lawsuit against Teachbook needs to move to another location — scroll down to the bottom of this post to see a copy of the decision. It includes some comments by the judge showing disdain for the defendant’s position.

Most notably, the judge said:

Teachbook, somewhat implausibly, insists that it did not intend to trade on Facebook’s mark, and that it selected the TEACHBOOK mark in 2009 because of the connection between teachers and books… Facebook has made a prima facie showing that Teachbook committed an intentional act by selecting a confusingly similar trademark, and that the act caused harm that Teachbook knew was likely to be suffered in the Northern District of California.

The judge’s comments suggest that Facebook has a stronger case, but his decision has to focus on the most pressing issue first, that the location needs to change. The remarks seem to bode well for any possible re-filing of the lawsuit elsewhere.

Readers, what do you think of the latest turn of events in this copyright case?

Facebook Versus Teachbook