Dish Network Wants Glenn Beck to Punch Eliot Spitzer

Dish Network has gone all out in an effort to promote its new offerings to American cable cutters—and to distract the public from the ongoing PR problems stemming from its controversial “Auto-hop” commercial skipping technology and its and its decision to drop AMC.

Today in New York, Dish held a “news conference” that involved former New York governor/TV host Eliot Spitzer, pundit Glenn Beck and legendary boxing announcer Michael Buffer–and turned out to be a bizarre fake “fight” between the two TV personalities. Why did this happen? Because Spitzer hosts a show on Current TV, a channel carried by Dish–and the provider recently announced that it has given Beck a chance to turn his website, The Blaze, into an entire channel filled with original content (we assume there will be chalkboards).

The ostensible purpose of the event was to promote a “debate” between the two men that will take place in October. It’s called the Dish War of the Words, and it promises to be…bi- partisan?

We frankly don’t know what to make of it, and we wonder about the wisdom of Dish Network’s pull-no-punches messaging strategy. What do you think, PR pros? Will Dish Network win the battle over cable? And will anyone watch this Beck/Spitzer “debate?”