Discovery Channel HD for iPad: Commercials, Clips-only, but Still Very Entertaining

We have YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and other instant gratification on-demand video available. Who really watches scheduled TV programming anymore? And, yet, there are good TV programs if you care to search for them among the dozens or even hundreds of cable channels you may have available. Discovery Channel’s attempt to raise itself above the channel noise level is to provide its own app (which is also in a crowded field) that makes it easy to sample their content.

Discovery Channel HD

The free app provides bite-sized video clips as well as a program schedule to help find what interests you. The video clips are preceded by a short commercial. The video was sharp and stutter free on the WiFi connection I used to test the app.

You can share a video clip by Twitter, Facebook, or email. I emailed the link to a video I watched in the app to myself to test this feature. It sends a link to a downloadable MP4 video file. You can find the video I watched here.

Iditarod Veterinary Technician (MP4 video)

Note: Alaska, Iditarod, and dogs. What else do you need for an entertaining video clip? 🙂