Discover New Music With Songza iPad App

There are lots of apps available to help you discover new music. Joining the likes of Pandora, Spotify and Songbird is a new app from Internet radio site Songza, that helps you discover new music based on your activity or mood.

So whether you are working out, throwing a dinner party or simply at work, there are lots of different songlists you’ll be served up by Songza’s “music concierge.”

How does it work? Pick a mood, then a genre, then a sub-genre and start listening. For example, “Monday morning at work” is the situation, “upbeat indie” is the genre, “retro indie rock” is the sub-genre, and “Ghostmouth” by Girls is playing on the app. Every hour you can skip a song that you don’t like. 

Elias Roman, co-founder of Songza, explained to Reuters that the app serves up music based on different situations and then begins to filter content based on things they learn about the user. He said, “We’re trying to make the world’s greatest collection of amazing playlists and long-form listening experiences.”