DisapprovingRabbits App: Free iPhone App That Will Make You Smile and Maybe Laugh


Anyone who has had a pet rabbit will tell you that they are characters despite the total lack of facial (snout) expression or sound (aside from the rare thump of annoyance or danger warning). Perhaps it is this air of indifference led at least one rabbit owner to start the popular rabbits-with-captions-site:


This site has led to a book deal (really!) and, now, a free iPhone app.

Disapproving Rabbits 1.0 (iTunes App Store)

If rabbits are more to your liking that “lolcats”, you might want to check out this free app. If you see just a photo of a rabbit, tap the screen to have the associated caption appear.

Now, can someone tell me how to find/rent a copy of the Academy Award nominated (in 2009) documentary “Rabbit a la Berlin“?