Digital Writer Spotlight: Scott Kelly

Author Scott Kelly won the hearts of readers on one community writing site, collecting hundreds of positive reviews as he built a following. Follow this link to read more of his work at the online writing site, WEbook (writing under the pseudonym KidTruth).
WEBook president Ardy Khazaei explained why he selected this writer: “Kelly has used WEbook and PageToFame to help build a robust online readership for his novel Frightened Boy. He has been an active member of the WEbook community since 2008, exchanging feedback with other writers and building a network of followers. As of July 2010, ‘Frightened Boy’ has been read by over 2,500 people and received over 300 positive reviews. We are excited to see Scott’s success on WEbook and look forward to seeing him succeed throughout the digital and print publishing landscape.”
Welcome to eBookNewser’s Digital Writer Spotlight. We’ve launched this feature to recognize the established and emerging voices within these communities. On a regular basis, we will feature hand-picked reading recommendations from community leaders at writing sites–see all the writers at our Best Online Fiction Writers directory. If you want to nominate a writing community, email eBookNewser with your recommendation.

Here is an excerpt from Kelly’s dystopian action novel, Frightened Boy.

“Survival is triumph enough.” That’s what I’d want my brick to say, but I’m ineligible.
I wonder how much the city spent on this?
I run my hand over the side of the wall, feeling the ridge where brick meets mortar. I hadn’t planned on coming–I shouldn’t have, but it’s on my way, and the Banlo Bay Historical Sites Committee sent a nice letter inviting me and the other survivors to their fantastic memorial. The grand opening of a gravesite.
Just about everyone who’d been living at the orphanage with me had died in the fire and now had their very own brick with a quote and their name over it. The couple hundred who escaped, including me, were let up front where the disembodied wall of the monument stood.
The sentiment is stupid.