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On June 22 was realized one interesting project Digg Trends – they watching Digg.com to get some interesting stats and information for further analyze. It is very interesting to see how things work at digg and maybe you can find what story should have to be successful at digg.

Mirror: We mirror the Digg.com site each digg tagged with some intuitive information like the Graph which visually shows you how your digg story reached and thrived since you posted. Also, we show with how many diggs did it reached the front page along with time-stamp. Ofcourse, cache link and AJAX-way of updating every 10 mins.
Buried: We have always been curious what, when and how links get buried. Here we present you this information. We track the buried links for you.
Forecast: Again, out of curiosity we show here diggs which we predict to make the front-page.
Missed: These are just missed diggs which almost made to the point to reach the front-page. We surely miss some useful and interesting links but now you dont.
Stats: We have a bunch of ideas which are still in pipeline. This is going to be an interesting part. Please wait and see.
Idea-Box: This site is the result of 2 diggers. Now guess what it could be possible with all the diggers ideas. We can innovate things. So please submit your ideas and lets discuss using the comments and the digg the ideas.
Misc: Innovative paging ability, fetch diggs by calendar, filter your diggs everything the ajaxian way. Not to mention, we have two themes blue & orange theme.

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