Digg Now Has a Recommendation Engine

We still remember Digg, right? Well, finally after a long drought in new features and functionality, one of the most social bookmarking/recommendation site has finally introduced a new feature. And this happen to have a social networking relevant. So, let’s all welcome Digg’s Recommendation Engine.

Digg’s Recommendation Engine lets you discover new content on Digg.Currently on its beta testing stage, Digg is enabling this feature on a random basis. You’d know you’re one of the chosen Digg members when a “red beta tag” appears on your Upcoming Tab when you are logged in to Digg.

Currently with 16,000 stories submitted on its Upcoming section, Digg’s Recommendation Engine filters its recommendation to you based on your past digging activities. It’s a passive way of finding good Digg entries aside from the Tag Clouds, or by browsing through the different Digg subject categories.

From a Digg member’s perspective, the Recommendation Engine maybe a simple tool for Diggers, but to come up with valuable recommendation, Digg’s Recommendation Engine uses a complicated correlation coefficient of your Digg activities, other Digg members’ activities until it arrives on a cutoff of this correlation coefficient before you are called as one of the “Diggers Like You”.

But anyway, let’s live the technicalities to the Digg developers and take the Recommendation Engine as a pretty useful Digg application/service which is certainly much overdue from one of Web 2.0’s major application.

The Digg Recommendation Engine is enabled already in my Digg account. And when I tried browsing it, I’ve got a hundred recommended stories. Some are pretty relevant to my previous Dugg stories while some are still irrelevant. Probably some minor kinks in the Digg Recommendation Engine, which we are hoping to get resolved in time.

In the meantime, if you want more relevant recommendations, do so more Digging, the Digg blog suggested.