Digg Connects to Facebook

Facebook and Digg users would certainly love this announcement from the Digg blog – Digg just launched Facebook Connect. This feature allows all Facebook users who are also active Digg users to login and do their Digging and commenting activities instantly, just by linking their Facebook and Digg accounts. The process is basically the same as when you are connecting other services and apps to Facebook.

Once you’ve connected your Facebook and Digg accounts, you would immediately be brought to your Digg account to tweak some settings that would determine how the integrated service would behave.

You can also opt to auto-follow your Facebook friends or invite them to your Digg from your Facebook Connect settings page.

But unlike other services that use Facebook Connect, Digg will not automatically share stories you Dugg to your Facebook profile. Digg will always ask you first if you want to share the Digg items, comment or submit. But this will be temporary since Digg is planning to roll out a feature later on that will automatically publish all your Digg activities to your Facebook profile. But I’m hoping that the feature stays as this will minimize the noise that users might bring to Facebook.

Still, the integration is a neat feature and I can see Digg benefitting more from this since Facebook users who are not into social bookmarking might find Digg interesting and opt to create their own Digg accounts.

Here’s a short video showing Facebook Connect in Action:

Digg: Facebook Connect Demo from Digg Meetups on Vimeo.