‘Diddy’ Hires a New PR Chief and AOR

Nathalie Moar will run his comms operation; PMK*BNC will be his AOR.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has big plans for 2015…and he’s hired a PR veteran to help him promote all the tentacles of “his multi-brand empire.”

Nathalie Moar, longtime entertainment PR specialist who has spent time with various firms/talent agencies and led internal comms for Estee Lauder and MAC Cosmetics, is Combs’ SVP of Communications.

nathalie moarThe Diddy organization, also known as Combs Enterprises, went with Moar thanks to her “personal experience with Mr. Combs and his projects”; she “helped to shape Mr. Combs’ public persona” and has worked with other pop luminaries like Britney Spears and Bon Jovi in the past. While Moar is Combs’ ambassador to everyone who matters, she chose PMK*BNC to help take his message to the public with “longtime collaborators” Paul Wilmot Communications handling media relations.

What is that message? It seems Diddy will have quite a few things to promote beyond his fragrance and a new tequila, and he’s already talked up everyone from Andy Cohen to Ellen so his team is quite busy.

The best part about this story is the fact that, while Combs hired Moar way back in January, this is the first we’re hearing about it…via PMK’s own press release.

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