Did Vine Star Jerome Jarre Just Walk Out on $1 Million Ad Deal?

Tells world he's done selling out

It's like Michael Jordan retiring before ever actually signing with the Bulls. Jerome Jarre, a huge social video star, can't take it anymore and is leaving the ad game, just before he made his first million, too.

Jarre has been a personality on Vine for a couple years, making six-second videos that actually delight a lot of people. Now, he says he's done making videos for profit. Whether that's true remains to be seen, but he did post a going-away video on YouTube, promoted on Snapchat, which shows him telling his ad agency he is done.

No more strings on Jarre was the message. Adweek featured Jarre in its social issue last month, and the Frenchman gave no hint that he was thinking of retiring.

Jarre has been a protégé and partner of Gary Vaynerchuk in a social marketing startup, GrapeStory.

This week's YouTube video shows Jarre going into his agency and turning down $1 million for a one-year contract with the "world's biggest brand," which goes unnamed.

It's unclear how genuine Jarre is in the video, as one YouTube commenter pointed out some of the action is filmed with a hidden camera in a conference room, which we are supposed to believe he retrieved after leaving the agency. 

GrapeStory could not immediately be reached for comment.

It would be understandable that Jarre would want to promote his brand as uncorrupted by corporate interests, and depict himself rejecting big money for personal integrity. He has worked with companies like GE and MTV. Jarre is in Mexico now, enjoying free guacamole.



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