Did Facebook Just Experience Massive Growth In Their Pages Product?

For the past couple weeks, the Static FBML application has been one of the fastest growing Facebook applications. The Static FBML application enabled Facebook Page administrators to customize tabs within their Facebook Page. So does that mean that Facebook Page use has jumped dramatically in the past couple weeks? It could.

While we’re waiting to hear back from Facebook about whether or not their Pages product has experienced a massive uptick, the Static FBML application tripled in traffic a week and a half ago. Between February 27th and March 2nd, the Static FBML application grew from 1.84 million to 5.87 million daily active users. The only reason for using this application is to customize your Facebook Page.

While the surge was only temporary, traffic has appeared to flatten at over 3 million daily users, almost double what it was before. While there are a lot of things we could derive from this increased usage, the primary thing I’d assume is that Facebook Pages just saw a large adoption by marketers following some sort of Facebook promotion. That promotion could have been on the homepage and displayed to all users who had yet to create a Facebook Page.

However the promotion took place, millions of people are now using Facebook Pages and customizing those pages through the Static FBML application.

Facebook has told us that they haven’t been doing any promotions of their Facebook Pages product. As one commenter suggested, this could be part of the shift away from boxes. Aside from that, we have no further information about the surge in application traffic.