Dialer One Adds Smart Dial To Android

One feature of Windows Mobile that I have missed on Android is smart dial. Smart dial provides the ability to dial a phone number from your contacts by entering the letters of the contact’s name on the numeric keypad. Usually after tapping a couple of buttons the correct contact displays the screen, which you can then tap to initiate a call. Dialer One is a free app that brings smart dial to Android.
Suppose that you want to call a local restaurant called China King using an Android phone. Unless China King is in your favorites, you will have to scroll through your contacts to find it, open the contact and then dial. With Dialer One you tap 2, 4, which displays contacts with the letters C and H on the screen. I could keep typing to narrow the list by tapping 4, 6, 2 to spell out China and tap the contact at the top of the screen once it displays to make the call.
Installing Dialer One does not replace Android’s built-in Phone app, and I don’t know of a way to make Android’s phone button start Dialer One instead of the Android phone app. The easiest way I have found to use the app is to create a shortcut to it on the main home screen but unfortunately that means it isn’t accessible from any of the other home screens. From my brief testing of Dialer One, I think I prefer it to the stock Android phone app and wish I could use it as a full replacement much like I can do with alternate on-screen keyboards.