Dezenhall Resources Makes 2 Executive Hires

You're (Both) Hired!

D.C.-based Dezenhall Resources, a leading crisis management and high-stakes communications firm, announced a couple of new hires — both boomerangs, which is always a nice sign for you HR magnates out there.

The gentlemen are Josh Culling, who has returned to Dezenhall as a senior vice president, and James Hewitt, who came back to the agency as a senior director.

Josh CullingCulling was working his way up the Dezenhall food chain for a while, then left for his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, for a respite before returning back in the political mecca as svp, where he will be leading the charge for client outreach and management.

According to the press release, Culling will manage a portfolio of high-stakes issues management and provide crisis communication counsel for the firm’s clients. Culling started his career as a government affairs manager for various political advocacy organizations in Washington, D.C.

James HewittJoining Culling in the swing back through the nation’s capital agency is James Hewitt, who would make anyone affiliated with the GOP thrilled to meet his acquaintance. (Anyone who was a deputy press secretary and deputy director of public affairs for the Republican National Committee has some serious media relations game.)

At the RNC, he directed earned media, rapid response, radio operations and managed the Committee’s network of surrogates. Hewitt will bolster the firm’s media outreach and engagement.

A shout out from the PRNewserverse to them both.