Platform Update: Developers Site Reorganization, Deprecations Reminder

Facebook announced it the Friday Platform update announced that it has reorganized the Developers site to make information easier to find. It has also posted a final reminder about January 31st being the termination date of several features and APIs.

The Developers site was previously divided into different sections that required multiple clicks to navigate between. The new version is more like a dashboard, with a sidebar of unfolding navigation links for faster browsing.

All Documentation pages now show navigation links to:

  • Getting Started: Introductions to what can built on the Facebook canvas, Platform, and Open Graph
  • Core Concepts: Explanations and code for Social Plugins and central features like the news feed and authorization
  • Advanced Topics: Instructions for how to use Facebook’s more complex APIs and languages
  • SDKs & Tools: Links to SDK downloads, codebases, and other resources

The Developers Blog also has a new sidebar, turning it into a hub for references developers may need to quickly check. The sidebar includes:

  • Blog: Archive of all Developers Blog posts
  • Platform Health: Response times, error counts, and recent issues
  • Change Log: A list of the latest code pushes
  • Developer Roadmap: A timeline of future changes to the Platform that Facebook has confirmed
  • Developer Garage: Information on hosting a community event.

All these pages now display a quick link to the Developer app from which devs can control their own applications. These changes, part of the continuing Operation: Developer Love, look good and should please devs who hate wasting time navigating sites when they could be hacking.

January 31st Deadlines

Facebook will begin returning errors for the following APIs after January 31st:

  • Any of the infrequently used APIs on the Deprecations list
  • <fb:editor>, <fb:wall> and <fb:feed> functionality
  • Data Store API

Developers and Page admins will no longer be able to access the Old Insights tool as the new tool now contains all the data it offered and more. Finally, Facebook will require all applications to implement the User ID encryption system put forth in the iFrame POST Proposal.

Facebook has extended several of the deadlines and notified developers still calling the old APIs in an effort to break as few applications as possible and keep devs happy.