Despite being a Rhino, they never blew their own horn

Even though I was an Aron’s Records guy myself, I did occasionally stop in to Rhino on the Westside, which The Hollywood Reporter notes today, is lamentably shuttering. It was our kind of store: TalaPhoto0007.jpg

“Rhino for many years maintained a “Worst Customers List,” posted prominently behind the counter; the more obstreperous patrons were duly namechecked there. As combative as things could get, the store also spawned its own tightly knit community. When Rhino’s fledgling record label wanted to promote one of its early novelty acts, the Temple City Kazoo Orchestra, the store drafted some of its regulars to march through Westwood Village, where they serenaded passers-by with kazoo renditions of “Whole Lotta Love” and other classic-rock chestnuts.”

We triple dog dare you to try and download a live kazoo rendition of “Whole Lotta Love” onto your precious iPod. (sniff) Rhino, we hardly knew ye.