Designing The Taxi Redesigned Our Reality

We ended up walking to and from the Designing the Taxi show, officially up now at Parsons the New School for Design on 13th and 5th, but that has nothing to do with the Pentagram-designed show scaring us away from using taxis and everything to do with the fact that November strolls can be quite lovely. We showed up around 7 and it was hella crowded. Spotted, ArchNewsNows-er Kristen Richards, talking to James Biber from Pentagram who kept thinking we were introducing ourselves as “I’m Beige,” in what we hope was an actual mishearing rather than an all-too-prescient Freudian slip. Michael Bierut (Yes!), who was giving out bitching t-shirts that said I “Taxi” New York (ours is extra-large if anyone’s got a creative way with scissors and a shrinker) was chatting with fellow Pentagrammer Jena Sher, who it turns out we’ve got about one and a half degrees of social separation from. Tucker Viemeister of Rockwell’s Studio Red showed up and ended up introducing us to a friend who introduced us to a guy who tried to convince us a) not to write: “there hasn’t been a good book since kerouac” b) to write a book about Harriet Miers: “think about THAT” and c) that the virgin mary was a single mother and maybe the Catholic church should put that in their Vatican II and smoke it.

Oh and there were some pictures and words on the wall that expressed different ideas for how to make the taxi system better, including cashless payment (smart), see-through taxi roofs (smarter), and taxi stands (smartest).


Blurry Bierut.


Blurry party.

CORRECTION: From a reader:

Re: your report on the taxi show: the term is spelled, and pronounced,

We regret the error.

Actually, it’s spelled, and pronounced, bitchin’.

We regret the error. Again.