Derek Jeter Wants You to Pay Attention to Him One Last Time


Oh hi.

One thing is clear this Valentine’s Day: Derek Jeter loves the attention—and so do the products he will help promote.

The New York Yankees veteran/endorsement machine’s announcement (via Facebook) that the coming season would be his last was really the beginning of what looks to be an exhausting marketing campaign that should serve as a model for future sports stars planning to hang up their cleats.

This will go well beyond t-shirts and posters.

Nike, New Era and even Delta Airlines honored recently retired reliever Mariano Rivera with promosand the year-long Jeter roll-out (roll down?) looks to be even bigger. We don’t have a list of the campaigns* you can expect from the shortstop and his agent, Casey Close, but there will be many including one to promote his anti-drug charity Turn 2 Foundation. The Yankees organization already kicked things off by sending an email to followers with the subject line “Captain’s Final Voyage.

While CNN wonders whether he will lose his Nike and Gatorade deals after retiring, he’s already followed Michael Jordan‘s post-career path into the underwear market.

One of the products he’s hawking is a pair of boxer shorts tailored to fit the very…unique needs of the male gender. A Vice writer recently tried said underwear (which retails at $100), and the resulting post is amusing, though slightly NSFW.

Mel Brooks put it best back in 1987:

*Not included: “swag bags.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.