DeNA, Room 8 Studio’s Popcorn Party Pops onto iOS

DeNA and Room 8 Studio have released Popcorn Party on iOS devices. The logic-based puzzle game sees players drawing lines between colorful kernels of popcorn to remove them from the screen, with each level having different completion requirements and their own sets of obstacles. The game features over 60 levels at launch, which become increasingly complicated over time.

In each level of Popcorn Party, players are presented with a colorful assortment of a few (or many) popcorn kernels. To remove them, players need to draw lines between matching kernels, causing them to increase in size. When one individual corn kernel is connected to three lines, it pops, taking all connected kernels with it. The larger the set of connected kernels, the more points the explosion is worth.

Levels may ask players to pop certain quantities of specific colors of kernels, or collect small stars that are scattered around the game board by drawing lines through them. Additional stages ask players to collect items by drawing lines in such a way as to “trap” these items in the resulting shapes those lines form, and so on. In addition, some stages are timed, and do away with the move limit altogether.

Popcorn Party

Lines can be drawn in any shape or length, but they can’t cross. In cases where this seems necessary, players can instead draw a longer line around the outside of the board to connect kernels, or just pop the other set of corn first. Players can connect as many kernels in a 1-1-1 chain as they’d like, but they’ll eventually need to make three lines touch the same kernel to make any progress, all the while keeping track of their move limit for the stage (where applicable).

Once chains hit five kernels or longer in length, power-up corn are added to the screen upon their removal. For making matches of five kernels, for example, players receive genie kernels which remove some of the remaining symbols from the screen, regardless of color. Making a match of six kernels creates a disco kernel, which clears all kernels of the same color from the screen, regardless of location. If two powers are present on the screen at once, players can connect these to trigger larger reactions and explosions.

Levels become more complicated as players progress, with the introduction of pits and other barriers that block the formation of lines on the screen. Colored jelly walls, for instance, will only allow lines to pass through if they’re the same color as the wall.

Players earn up to three stars on each level, relative to the number of points they earn in the stage. Gamers can login to Facebook to compare their scores with their friends. If they fail to complete a level before running out of moves, they’ll lose a life. These lives recharge automatically over time, can be purchased with real money, or can be shared by friends as gifts.

Popcorn Party is further monetized via a spin wheel, which can be activated while playing, either by collecting tokens on the game board, or spending real money. The wheel rewards players with a random power, like a ghost line, capable of being drawn anywhere on the board, even if it crosses existing lines. Users can also purchase more time in timed levels, or more moves in others.

Popcorn Party is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is coming soon to Google Play.