DeNA launches Cross Horizon on iOS, Android

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Mobile game company DeNA has announced the launch of its latest title, Cross Horizon, on iOS and Android devices. The RPG takes players to a magical land, where they’ll join a fairy named Aurora on a journey to help her regain her memory. The game offers a hefty character customization system, including options for clothing, hair types, eye colors and more.

While exploring each 3D environment, players can tap and hold on the screen to move their character and control the camera in the world. Gamers will explore dungeons and complete missions, meet new characters in towns and guilds, and will spend an energy currency to complete actions like exploring the environment.

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Players see enemies as they walk around the world, and can actually avoid contact if they walk far enough away from these enemies. During combat, players tap and swipe on enemies to attack them, but the hero’s energy drains with each attack, and must refill. Users can also tap and hold on a guard button to decrease the damage caused by oncoming attacks. When defeated in battle, players can either spend items to instantly revive, or must be spent back to the nearest town, losing some items in the process.

Over time, players will unlock the ability to customize their hero with new clothing items, weapons and armor. For social play, Cross Horizon supports light multiplayer functionality for joining friends in battle.

Cross Horizon is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. You can follow the game on AppData.

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