DeNA launches Blood Battalion on iOS, Android

Image via DeNA

DeNA has announced the launch of Blood Battalion, a prequel to its successful mobile RPG Blood Brothers. The game is set 100 years before the events of Blood Brothers, and while it’s an entirely new game, there are many things that tie the two together.

Blood Battalion stars Galbraith, who, this time around, is just the Crown Prince of his country. He forms an empire with his eight warlords, who later become the main characters in Blood Brothers. The story in Blood Battalion follows Galbraith’s rise until an uprising plays out against him, but DeNA Executive Producer Yoshiki Watabe confirms that players don’t have to be familiar with Blood Brothers to enjoy Blood Battalion.

“Blood Brothers introduced a rich world filled with memorable characters and is deserving of a prequel,” said Watabe in a company statement. “Blood Battalion is a brand new adventure for both fans of Blood Brothers and new players enjoying their first foray into the world.”

[contextly_sidebar id=”2958561c0ceb3e5e9ead01c5c0510a36″]Unlike Blood Brothers, Blood Battalion heavily focuses on the undead, which was mainly used by the imperial army in the first game. Here, the undead are integrated heavily into the game, and players can actually create the undead themselves. Mob battles of up to 11 vs 11 are available in Blood Battalions, but this is further increased if players make use of undead reinforcements.

Blood Battalion features eight different races and six different roles for characters: attacker, defender, lancer, caster, sharpshooter and healer. Like the first game, players will be challenged with strategically placing their characters on the battlefield in order to have the greatest chance for success. Each character has different skills, or may react differently to enemies, the time of day and other factors outside of the player’s control.

In classic DeNA fashion, the developer / publisher has already announced the first of many in-game events for Blood Battalion, which have previously proven to be successful draws for players in previous games. Here, a PVP battle event called The World Battle Coliseum will see players simply battling others for prizes in an in-game coliseum. The event will last until September 27.

Blood Battalion is now available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. You can track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.