Dell Venue Pro (Windows Phone 7) Pre-order Prices Range from $100 (new contract) to $500 (no contract)

If you want Dell’s Windows Phone 7 based Venue Pro with its interesting portrait orientation pull-down physical keyboard (which intrigues me a lot), you can pre-order it directly from Dell two different configurations (8 or 16GB memory) and with or without a T-Mobile contract.

Dell Venue Pro Details for Customers in the United States

A 16GB model with a new contract can be bought for $150. If you already have a contract, you can buy the 16GB model for $250. An upgrade activiation without a contract will set you back $450. And, buying it without an upgrade or contract is $500. Note that all models are SIM-locked to T-Mobile.

If the Venue Pro had a front-facing camera, I would definitely consider buying a no-contract model for $500. As it is, I’ll keep using an HTC HD7 and wait for the next batch of Windows Phone 7 devices in 2011.

Dell’s Venue Pro pre-order information is available at: