Dell Mini 10v for $299? Spend the Extra $50 and get a Mini 10 (no v)

YouTube video courtesy of Dell

Dell announced a new lower cost version of the Dell Mini 10 notebook called the Mini 10v…

Dell Mini 10v is Official

The low-end version of the Mini 10v comes in at $299 vs. the $349 for the Mini 10 (no “v”). Here’s my take on this. You will probably be happier spending the extra $50 for the Mini 10 (no “v”). Here’s why…

– The 10v uses the Atom N270 processor while the 10 uses the Z520. The Z520 should provide the potential for better battery life and processor performance.
– The 10v has a 120GB hard drive while the 10 has a 160GB hard drive.
– The 10v uses the Intel 950 graphics chipset while the 10 uses the 500 chipset. Combined with the Z520, it should provide a better multimedia experience.
– The 10v has a VGA output port while the 10 provides a HDMI port. Again, a better graphics experience assuming you have an external LCD that support HDMI (many do).

Unfortunately, both have the shorted (vertically) 1024×576 LCD panel display that several vendors have adopted instead of the 1024×600 display that we saw across the board last summer. However, the Mini 10 has the option of upgrading to a HD widescreen display with a 1366×768 display resolution. That sounds like a winner to me. But, of course, you do need to pay another $35 to get that option on the Mini 10.

Dell says they will offer a 2GB memory option for the Mini 10 in the near future. Combine that with the Z530 chip that provide Intel VT-x for use with Windows 7 XP Mode and a HD screen option and you have what sounds like a very nice Windows 7 netbook.