HOWTO: Delete Promoted Tweets From Your Twitter Timeline

I saw my first ever Promoted Tweet in my timeline on today, and fittingly enough it came from Twitter themselves.

I didn’t really want it there, though – I don’t really want to see any Promoted Tweets, if I’m being absolutely honest – so I quickly looked for a way to get rid of it.

Thankfully, the solution is simplicity itself – in fact, it’s just one click away.

Here’s the tweet, which was sent from Twitter’s @PromotedHelp account (which, curiously is a protected account):

Nothing too heinous about, really, but it was still stinking up my feed. I didn’t ask for it, don’t want it and don’t want to see it. So, how to get rid of it?

Easy. Just mouse over the tweet and up pops a Dismiss link with the always-comforting X next to it.

Click on that, and the tweet is gone for good.

As of now there’s no way to opt out completely from receiving these Promoted Tweets, but it’s comforting to know that you can kick any one of them into orbit with the simple click of a button. And maybe, just maybe (and like Facebook does with their ads), Twitter will be monitoring the Promoted Tweets you don’t want to see and revise it’s algorithm accordingly.