Deep Links and the Future of Mobile Advertising

Deep Linking technology brings the online advertising paradigm to mobile.

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Today’s startups are ushering in new ways to reinvent the hyperlink by making it easier to place links within mobile apps in one tap and from various sources like email, Web pages or other apps installed on your device.

Quixey, a search engine company for apps, invented a search protocol called AppURL, which merges deep links and Web links. Provided a user has a particular app installed on their phone, they can open a link from an email or elsewhere within the app itself, rather than in a browser.

Similarly, startup URX links users to specific product pages within apps installed on their phone. Indexing deep links within mobile apps lets URX determine which location is ideal for targeting a particular ad based on the behavior associated with a device’s unique ID.

Indexing AppURL links within mobile apps also lets people search for content on mobile apps in ways similar to Web searches. Google, for example, is suggesting that companies use deep links to tag pages within their website that are similar to content sections of their mobile app. Apple and Facebook also support deep linking technology.

For more information see MIT Technology Review‘s The Ad Industry Reinvents the Hyperlink for the Mobile Era.

*featured image: Jason Howie