December Facebook Platform Roadmap Update: Planning for the Next Three Months

Just over a month ago, Facebook announced several (19) updates to the Facebook Platform that would be rolling out over the rest of this year and early next – almost all having to do with Facebook’s various “viral” communication channels. Since then, we’ve seen some of those changes go live (like the new stream formats for app stories, and the new bookmark button), but most of the “doozies” are still on the way.

This afternoon, Facebook posted a few notes on what’s coming up. For your product planning calendars, here’s the current roadmap of Facebook’s Platform changes for the next three months. It’s going to be a busy month!

Already Launched

1. Simplified policies posted, verification program ended, and “extending verification standards to all applications”
2. Platform Live Status tool launching, which will show “updates on platform stability and load”
3. Stream story formatting changes (1 image shown by default, few lines of text, 1 action link)
4. New “add bookmark” button

Coming December 2009

5. New email permission API (developers can ask users to share their email address)
6. Access point to invites will be moved “to either a filter in Inbox or surfaced in the Application and Games Dashboards”
7. User-to-user Inbox APIs will be launched
8. Feed forms cannot be popped open without “explicit user intent” (note: this is a new Facebook policy) (going into effect December 20)
9. Application bookmarks moving from the bottom menu bar to the left side of the home page
10. Counter API launching (counts can appear on home page application bookmarks)
11. Applications and Games dashboards launching
12. New application branding on canvas pages launching
13. All stream publishing APIs beside Stream.publish, Facebook.streamPublish, and FB.Connect.streamPublish will no longer be supported (going into effect December 20)
14. Revamped developer site launching

Late December 2009 / Early January 2010

15. Notifications API (both app-to-user and user-to-user) will be removed (note: Facebook says this will happen “30 days after email permission is available”) (this was originally scheduled for “December 2009”)

Late 2009 / Early 2010

16. Requests API will be removed (note: Facebook says this will happen “30 days after launching new Inbox sharing”)
17. Profile boxes will be removed (application tabs will be the only way to integrate into the profile page at that point)
18. Improved analytics and APIs launching

Early 2010

19. Open Graph API launching